Wigton Youth Station

Registered Charity No. 1089690

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About Us

Wigton Youth Station is a youth club which has been established for 26 years. It is the sole provider in our area of a free, safe, social space for all young people aged 10-25 years to access and participate in positive activities. It sits in the heart of Wigton in North West Cumbria and offers free access for all local young people. It provides a comfortable space with free Wi-Fi, where young people can socialise and relax off the streets thus reducing the instances of anti-social behaviour in the community.

We work on early intervention to provide our young people with information and support, to change negative attitudes and their long-term prospects. We can and do make a difference by investing our time and willingness to understand what it must feel like to be unheard and dismissed by society! Young people tell us they fear what the future holds; fear a real possibility of being drawn into crime and not being able to access support and information where needed.

We aim to support our young people and help them to foster their personal, social and emotional development and to empower them to make a positive and fuller contribution to the local community and to society.

We work tirelessly to ensure fewer young people have unresolved mental health issues and stay clear of the youth justice system through understanding how they feel and changing their behaviour for the better. This change has direct impact on their families, their estates/communities and their neighbours.

We aim to restore community trust in old and young so no one feels isolated and vulnerable. We spend time talking to our young people and building positive relationships.

We provide a rich and varied programme of activities in the sessions such as art and crafts, cooking, board games and video games, pool, basketball and football etc.

We also run a regular programme of targeted workshops to educate our young people. Some recent workshops have been on vaping and alcohol and drug awareness.

Our mission is to provide every young person with a positive experience of youth; encouraging them to reach their full potential and become valued members of their community.